We can help you whatever the size of the project.  We can help you with the design, supply and installation and Commissioning.  Air Control can also help you with maintenance of your equipment as well as repairing your existing systems.

Portable Units

This would be an ideal solution where a permanent air conditioning system cannot be installed. Portable units are suitable for small rooms and offices. They have the added benefit of being transportable and can be wheeled around from room to room.

Split or multi systems

The spilt unit (and multi systems) systems provide a more permanent solution for houses and small offices. Ideal for cooling and dehumidification in the summer. Heat pump versions also provide heating in winter.  The air conditioning systems can be more efficient than boiler or heaters therefore it can be more cost efficient.

VRF – VRV solutions

The VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) or VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) can be used in more complicated buildings such as offices or commercial spaces, hotels and big residential houses.  The VRF can serve multiple rooms/spaces.  The Condensing units can be installed on roofs or other suitable spaces and can have long pipe runs.  The VRF are very efficient systems with high EER and COP ratings that result in high energy savings.  EER is the Energy Efficiency Ratio and COP is the Coefficient Of Performance. Heat recovery VRF means that a single system can provide simultaneous heating and cooling to a building, and achieve high efficiencies by transferring heat energy from one area to another. When indoor units will not permanently require their full capacity then we can apply Diversity on the system.  This means that the capacity of the indoor units is greater than the capacity of the outdoor unit, saving on capital costs and running cost, whilst ensuring all the heating and cooling demands of the building are met.


We can help you with installing a chiller or replacing your old one.


We are experienced with various types of ventilation strategy, from Air Handling Units (AHU) to Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay units, (Heat Recovery Ventilation: HRV) which recover  energy from the outgoing air and transfer to the incoming air, so that the fresh air more closely matches the room temperature, saving energy and increasing comfort. Part F of the building regulations stipulates certain fresh air volume requirements for buildings, depending on their use. We will design a system to ensure that the correct amount of fresh air is supplied to the occupied areas, so that the areas are fresh without wasting energy.

Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA)

Certain equipment and system configurations qualify for ECA, this means that all the tax claimable for the costs associated with the units can be claimed in the following tax year, rather than over 10 years as with none ECA approved equipment. Air control Uk will be able to advise which systems will qualify, and design accordingly, if this is an important consideration for your business.