Unsurpassed air conditioning and partner support from Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric has 50 years experience at the forefront of the air conditioning industry and continues to benefit from the sheer size and diversity of the Mitsubishi group globally.
Modern buildings are so well insulated and electronic equipment so prevalent that the need for effective heating and cooling is paramount. These cost-effective, energy conscious systems are expertly designed to provide the building owner with constant, comfortable living and working environments. Mitsubishi Electric has been a pioneer of energy efficiency and increased standards of design, installation and support – providing industry leading comfort, reliability and cost effectiveness. The company was the first in the industry to offer highly advanced ‘inverter driven’ systems which match the performance of the system to the exact requirement of any building.  Mitsubishi Electric is also leading the way on helping rethink how we use energy to heat, cool and ventilate our buildings here in the UK and is championing the use of advanced, renewable heat pump systems.

Air Control UK Ltd is an Accredited Installer of Mitsubishi Electric.

As an Accredited Installer, Air Control UK Ltd is able to offer unsurpassed expertise in design, installation and commissioning of Mitsubishi Electric systems. The Mitsubishi Electric Partner Programme is uniquely based upon an agreed set of documented standards for Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance – assuring the ultimate customer of a professional level of service and support from Mitsubishi Electric and its Partners.
In today’s world however, technical standards alone are not enough. Mitsubishi Electric also feels that it must look at the standards it adopts in the way it does business. The company therefore consider Health and Safety issues and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies to be just as important to the end-user. This is why, in addition to adhering to our high technical standards, Business Solutions Partners are required to uphold Health & Safety issues and to abide by a set of CSR principles. The Mitsubishi Electric Partner Programme is inclusive and open to all qualifying companies, large or small. Using the world-renowned Mitsubishi Electric brand, the company will train, facilitate and promote all qualifying companies as part of our aim to drive the industry forward.