In order to keep your air conditioning units in good order and to have your equipment operating at the optimum efficiency you need to service your equipment regularly.  According to the manufacturer’s instructions the air conditioning units should be serviced and checked (even if the units are idle) by authorised engineers at least every six months.  A proper planned preventive maintenance (PPM) schedule allows us to offer a warranty and prolongs the life of your equipment.  Also a serviced a/c unit reduces your energy bill, especially if the filters are kept clean.

I will also like to point out the user responsibilities according to F-regulations.  I am attaching an update by the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry Board (ACRIB). This update talks about leak tests that need to take place at least every 12 months for small systems (3kg to 30kg of Refrigerant) and every 6 months for bigger systems.   It also covers maintenance and servicing records.

 These leak tests can be performed by our fully certified engineers.