At AIR CONTROL (UK) Ltd we will design a system especially for you. By understanding the building layout and the requirements of the occupants and building management we can recommend the best indoor units and the most suitable system type and configuration. Occupants can expect comfortable draught free cooling and heating, together with fresh air and high air quality.

If you are a business owner or manager, then the design of the controls strategy will be important, so that as little energy is used to keep costs down, whilst occupants are comfortable and alert. Off the shelf, proprietary centralised controls can give fault outputs and service indications by email to the maintenance contractor, ensuring minimal downtime and longevity of the equipment.

Landlords can benefit from advanced controls options which allow metering and individual energy billing, so that multi-tenanted floors can benefit from efficient heat recovery systems. Easy and robust interfacing with Building Management Systems allows full control at a relatively low cost.

To understand your needs we need to know:

  • ┬áThe type of environment (office, hospital school etc)
  • The location and aspect of the building.
  • Number of occupants in each area
  • Preference for indoor unit type
  • Desire for energy efficiency
  • Budget
  • Controls requirements
  • The type of Building Management System
  • Likely hours of use for each area.
  • Whether there is a requirement for cooling and heating in different areas simultaneously
  • Any hot water demand
  • Any areas for constant cooling such as IT equipment cupboards or server rooms
  • Any areas that require specific temperatures.

Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA)

Certain equipment and system configurations qualify for ECA, this means that all the tax claimable for the costs associated with the units can be claimed in the following tax year, rather than over 10 years as with none ECA approved equipment. Air control Uk will be able to advise which systems will qualify, and design accordingly, if this is an important consideration for your business.