Air conditioning systems are inherently robust if installed correctly and will last up to 20yrs depending on the system and correct maintenance. However, if during installation, errors such as impurities are let in, incorrect electrical connections or if the refrigerant charge is added incorrectly the systems will fail very quickly, leading to mechanical faults not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. To ensure the correct installation, we employ only qualified engineers full-time, and do not sub contract. For a VRF installation the pipework used will be refrigerant quality soft/medium drawn copper tubing complying with BS2871 Part 2: 1972 and complete with the appropriate headers and joints. Longest possible lengths of copper pipe will be utilised to minimise joints on site.  We will use the correct refrigeration installation tools and purge with Dry Nitrogen all times during brazing. This avoids any oxidation in the pipework – this would create carbon deposits which would flow with the refrigerant and damage the compressor. The joints in the copper pipes will be brazed to the requirements of the HVCA Code of Practise – Brazing and Bronze Welding of Copper Pipe and Sheet. Before commissioning and starting the units ,we will pressure test the pipework to 28Kg/cm.sq (430psi), hold for 24 hours whilst checking for leaks, then vacuum/dehydrate to (-752mm Hg) 2 torr, and hold at that setting for 12 hours (minimum). For insulation , all pipework (suction and liquid lines) will be insulated with slip on close cell elastomeric pipe insulation (as manufactured by Armaflex or equal and approved) with a fire performance class 0 of the 1985 building regulations, having a wall thickness of not less that 13mm. Adherence to these stringent requirements enable us as Accredited Installer of Mitsubishi Electric to offer 5 year warranty for Mitsubishi Electric VRF systems.

We will commission the system so that it runs perfectly, and ensure the controls are set up so that the system performs to your requirements.